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Learn How To Grow Trees On Your Own

Trees don’t only grow in the forest. Having trees at home or in your neighborhood is also a good idea since they not only provide shade but can improve the overall environment as well. There are a lot of things you can do with trees and not only that, they help sustain the planet making it more livable for us since we depend so highly on it for life-giving oxygen. Trees also serve many purposes but we often take it for granted thinking that trees can grow well on their own even without human help. Well, it used to be but with rapid urbanization and increasing demand to meet human needs, more trees fall rather than the ones growing tall and proud.

Hence, you must do your part in making the world a little greener and more livable especially for the future generations. You don’t always need to have a green thumb in order to plant and grow one, though. Just as long as you know the basics and is likewise knowledgeable about what to avoid, you can grow one, two, or even more trees in your own yard as long as you have enough space for it. The world is a much better place if we’ll have more trees then rather than skyscrapers.

Big beautiful, healthy trees. That's the goal. One of the first things you need to do with your tree, is to check for weeds along the base.

"You want to think about weed control," says John Fech, with the Nebraska Extension office. "They are moisture robbers and nutrient robbers. So pull weeds in those areas and apply wood chip type mulch. Some people want to add rock, that adds heat."

Fech says to lose the rock. Mulch is better and holds in moisture. It also helps the soil when it degrades. Another mistake we make is watering.

"The goal is to have moist soil, not soggy, not dry," says Fech. "We have a lot of clients who want to overdo it."

Fech says to also take time to look at your trees and inspect them.


Trees need to be taken cared of as well for them to grow big and outgrow the spot where you initially planted it. But first, you must ensure there aren’t any weeds robbing it of important nutrients that are crucial for its growth. Its growth will be stunted if something else is eating up its food. So, get your hands dirty and pull out all weeds you can see to ensure the tree you just planted grows as it should be. It may sound simple and easy to do but not all the time you’ll have the energy to do some weed pulling nor will the weather always cooperate.

Agricultural chemicals — especially herbicides or weed killers — can cause serious problems with trees, most often because of the common misconception that “if a little is good, a lot will be better.” Proper use of any pesticide includes strict adherence to recommendations given on the label.

Herbicides mixed with turf fertilizer for weed control in lawns can cause injury when such combinations are used to close to trees or heavy rains wash them into the root zone of trees and shrubs. Read the label to determine just how close the material can be applied to woody plants.

Pruning trees helps by removing diseased, dying or injured tissue, but it can increase the chances of disease and decay if done improperly. When pruning, make all cuts close to the main branch or trunk, although not so close that the slight flare at the branch’s base is removed. Retaining this flare improves the healing of the wound. Tree wound dressings are no longer recommended. Dying branches should be promptly removed.


Even when pruning or gardening, some equipment can inadvertently damage your tree so you need to exercise caution when moving around. You also have to consider the changing of the seasons because it has a big impact on their growth too. You’ll be surprised at how many things you should not be doing when growing a tree that you aren’t aware of before. The above article will enlighten you on many of those things, so you can avoid damaging a tree you just planted and give it the chance to grow as big and as tall as it can be. However, you may also require tree removal services like for older trees that have become a threat to your home to give all the space your new tree needs.

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Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Trees Need Our Help

The world is evolving and there are rapid changes happening on the planet that aren’t always visible to the public eye. It is why many are always caught off guard by these drastic changes because we have been too busy with the trivial things in life we lose foresight on a lot of things that also matter, one of which is nature. The trees and plants around us give us life and also sustain it. They have been around since forever and is perhaps the reason why many of us take it for granted. Unfortunately, they have also been gravely affected by the burgeoning human population and the apparent misuse and abuse of natural resources.

It is about time we pay back Mother Nature for our wrongdoings and help it recover. Nature’s recovery is also crucial to our own survival as a species. It can start with little acts such as planting trees or preventing tree felling that is the reason for massive deforestation in various parts of the globe. We can’t just thrive in technology. We need trees as well even if we don’t always see their worth in our lives. Any tree-planting initiative can go a long way in making life sustainable in the long run. Children should be taught about the importance of trees as well because their survival also depends on nature’s survival. If they fail to grasp its value while they are young, they may adopt bad habits that can worsen the existing situation making it more difficult for them to lead normal lives someday.

Sujit Mahapatra, who started the initiative, said back in 2009 when the campaign was started volunteers wanted to do something to stop the rapid felling of trees.

"It was realised that even through many trees were planted most of them couldn't survive due to lack of care after the plantation. Moreover, efforts to plant trees and save the planet had no impact," he said.

So, the volunteers came up with the idea of promoting planting and gifting trees.

"The campaign aims to establish a personal relationship with plants which happens when one plants or gifts trees on occasions such as child birth, birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. Once, there is a personal association with plants and one sees the plants having new leaves and flowers, a person is attached to it. Moreover, while gifting a plant a powerful message on the importance of trees is send across," he said.


If the situation calls for it, felling trees may actually make sense especially if their presence poses a threat or danger to human lives or properties. However, some intentional cut trees for a profit and this is the biggest threat so far to all the trees in the world. Aside from that, natural calamities may also endanger old trees especially if the wind is too strong and they eventually get uprooted. Not only that, trees that are out in the open don’t get the attention they need and often die because of lack of care especially when the elements are too harsh.

A number of green activists and citizens protested on July 14, demanding withdrawal of the plan to fell about 1,400 trees in Gurugram to expand a road at the Atul Kataria Chowk and build an auditorium in Sector 4. They contended that there was no need for a flyover and an underpass in the area and traffic could be streamlined with some minor changes. Haryana forest and PWD minister Rao Narbir Singh, has however, reiterated that trees will have to make way for a wider road to ease traffic jams, and that the lost tree cover could always be compensated for by planting more trees.

In an interview with HT on Sunday, Singh spoke about the need for felling trees and the importance of people’s participation to increase the green cover of Gurugram and the state.


There are individuals who dedicate their lives to protecting nature even if it means going against the crowd and doing a lot of unimaginable things on your own. But these people are instrumental in making big changes because it can trigger a positive effect on others and encourage them to pitch in and make an effort into helping nature heal and recover. And trees are synonymous with nature, right? It gives off life-sustaining oxygen that is crucial for human life.

Making a big noise about preserving life, planting trees, and preventing more trees from being cut down without a reason should be a concern by all of us. But in case one is already down and must be cleared right away, so better hire professional like to do it for you safely and properly. It is also our responsibility to take care of the planet where we live in because it is the only place we call home.

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