Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Held Hostage by Trees

If you've been reading the news at all lately you'll see that Hurricane Matthew is still dominating. This force of nature has been whipping through the country uprooting people, homes and trees alike. It's no surprise with winds like what most states deal issac_tree_on_car_1with that cities are bound to lose a few trees here and there. So far it's estimated that Hurricane Matthew has caused $10 billion dollars worth of damage. Ten. Billion. Dollars. Not sure about you, but we think that's a heck of a lot of money. There are so many things you can do with $10 billion dollars. Think of all the people that can be fed or houses that can be built with that money. Depending on what country you live in, that amount can help support a social system without burdening taxpayers.

For those affected by Hurricane Matthew, it is not enough.For all the money in the world won't bring back the lives lost from this tropical devastator.

When the hurricane isn't destroying cities like a toddler who's hangry, it's using trees to hold people hostage in their very own homes:

Going Nowhere Fast

FLORENCE, S.C. – David Perkins and his wife found themselves trapped in their Damon Drive home after Hurricane Matthew passed through on Oct. 8 when multiple large trees fell in their yard, blocking every exit from the house.

Perkins said he had to crawl out of the garage in order to get help once the rain and winds subsided. A neighbor used a chainsaw to cut through thick, heavy limbs to free Perkins’ wife and their dog, Toby. The couple has lived in their house for 28 years and witnessed a hurricane’s strength when Hugo came through the Carolinas in 1989, but Perkins said Matthew wasn’t the same.

“Hugo wasn’t like this,” Perkins said. “We lost more trees (during Hugo), but they weren’t as big, and they didn’t fall as strategically aggravating."

Perkins said it took just seconds for the high winds of Hurricane Matthew to take down four massive trees that fell either on or around their home. The destruction began at around 3 p.m. that Saturday as the wind speed started to pick up.

“It sounded like bombs going off,” Perkins said. “Bam. Bam. Bam. Bam. We were scared to look at the window.

“It was a domino-from-hell effect.”

Perkins saw how one tree after another had fallen in succession, starting with their neighbor’s house two doors down from him. Perkins’ home suffered significant damage as one tree fell into their home and nearly went through their kitchen. Another tree destroyed their outdoor furniture in the backyard. A third tree fell from their yard and went crashing into their neighbor’s garage, and a fourth laid across their front lawn.

Via: http://www.scnow.com/news/local/article_179f51b6-93fc-11e6-a35f-af4dd523bb19.html 

Clean Up on Aisle 1

What are some of the things you notice when a storm rips through your area? You probably see lots of loose garbage and scrap pieces floating around and stuck in bushes.Trampolines also seem to escape the confines of their backyards and go on journeys during storms. Not only do people need to bring out a garbage bag to clean up the yard, they also have to identify any alien furniture they find.There's no secret that a storm of any strength causes a huge clean up effort. A variety of services are needed to bring back some semblance of normal sooner, rather than later. Tree removal services are crazy-busy during the aftermath of a storm. Trying to tidy up the mess nature left behind during one of her fits is hard work.

It's a hard job, there's no doubt. If you live in a storm-frequent area, you should make friends with your neighborhood tree clearing service. Who knows when you'll be the one calling?

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Monday, 14 November 2016

Ghosts in the Wood

There's something peaceful about walking through the empty woods on a crisp autumn day. Depending on where you live this albino-treemight be something easily accessible. Perhaps you live near the heart of a mystical wood like in stories by Hans Christian Anderson. Or maybe you have to drive a bit to get to that secluded little patch of forest where hunters seldom roam. Whatever the case, there's something to be said about walking through the woods, without interruptions, and allowing yourself to take in all that nature has to offer. There are many people who feel more at ease when they have the chance to listen to the natural sounds in the forest.

Imagine the surprise many have when suddenly confronted with a giant, pure white tree. We're not talking about a birch or something that is meant to be white. Imagine you've been sauntering through a fir forest and found a bright white tree. Think of those nouveau Christmas trees that are white right out of the box. Except this tree isn't artificial or in a box: it's right there where nature intended it to be.

Ghosts of Trees Past

A walk through California's redwood forests is a thrilling adventure in itself, but once in a while, a lucky hiker may come across a ghostly phantom tree, almost an apparition. The ghostly albino tree is the height of a man and bears bone-white foliage.

What the visitor has come across is an albino redwood tree, one of only about 400 known to exist. The strange tree is unable to produce chlorophyll, and so its needles are white instead of green.

Because the albino redwood trees cannot produce sugar for energy, they are usually smaller than their giant green-needled relatives, and they don't live as long as them, either. But the mystery of how these ghost trees are able to survive at all has perplexed naturalists since the first one was documented in 1866.

It's interesting to note that Native American tribes knew about the ghost-like trees, and they have been recorded in tribal legends. California's indigenous Pomo people called the albino tree the "spirit Tree." and used it in their traditional cleansing ceremonies.

Biologist Zane Moore is a doctoral student at the University of California, Davis. The 22-year-old expert on albino redwoods became interested in them after hearing Dave Kuty, a docent at Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park near Santa Cruz give a talk about the trees on the radio in 2010.

That interview set in motion a quest to find one of the ghost trees for himself, and eventually to pursue a study of the strange trees. When talking about the albino tree being able to exist, Moore says, “It shouldn't be here. It should be dead, but it's not. Just like a ghost.”

Via: http://www.digitaljournal.com/tech-and-science/science/the-mystery-surrounding-california-s-ghost-redwoods-may-be-over/article/476895#ixzz4NMWifcvw

Fact or Fiction?

These trees are surely the things of legend and myth. Something that shouldn't exist, but does. Certainly not something that a lot of people have in their yard, and DEFINITELY not a candidate for tree removal. There are many humans and various animals that also present as albino. You can tell them by their pale white skin, pale white hair and red eyes. Different cultures have different legends about these people but it's very interesting when plants display the same behavior. We know that there is science to back up what we see. While we can't always trust our eyes, science can confirm it for us. It might have been unnerving the first time someone saw such a seemingly unnatural tree. This white tree in the middle of such greenery.

If you go to the California redwood forests you will see these trees today. You have to look carefully as they are hard to spot. It's almost like there are truly ghosts silently watching us from their safe-haven in the forest.

Ghosts in the Wood was initially published to ACTS Blog

source http://www.allcleartree.com/removal/ghosts-in-the-wood