Monday, 27 February 2017

Who Ordered The Rain In San Diego?

With no reprieve in sight for all the rain we're getting here in San Diego, damage is sure to follow. There can definitely be too much of a good thing and the rain doesn't show signs of calming down. We already saw the loss of a local legend and things aren't looking too hopeful for the rest of us. Those of you with trees on your properties need to brace yourself for the massive clean up this storm is going to require:

Parts of California and Nevada braced for another powerful storm after getting lashed by downpours that flooded roads, homes and vineyards and toppled a storied giant sequoia.

Northern California was soaked by more than a foot of rain over a 72-hour period that ended early Monday, forcing hundreds of people to evacuate and leaving thousands without power. The heavy rains forced rivers out of their banks and toppled trees, among them the famed "Pioneer Cabin" in Calaveras Big Trees State Park that had a drive-thru tunnel carved into its base more than a century ago.

In Southern California, scattered light showers are possible during the late morning and afternoon. Most of the day will be dry before a stronger system moves in early Thursday, providing the southern part of the state with a brief break before another strong storm bears down on the region late Tuesday and into Wednesday.

A mudslide early Tuesday closed southbound Kanan Dume Road, about one mile north of Pacific Coast Highway, in Malibu. Authorities warned of more possible mudslides in recent wildfire burn areas after a weekend of stormy weather that authorities called the heaviest rain in a decade.


"It's been about 10 years since we've experienced this kind of rainfall," [Steve] Anderson said Monday. He said the storm system arriving Tuesday was not as potent as over weekend but could still cause problems. "The big concern is flash flooding, rapid rises on creeks and the Russian River coming out of its banks again."


With all this water and mess people will need time and assistance cleaning up their yards. There are likely to be many downed trees that need to be removed and some stumps that need pulling out. It's not recommended to try to remove a stump on your own and honestly, those videos of people yanking them out with their vehicles don't show what can go wrong. Leave it to the professionals to remove your stumps:

We've got the tools and the manpower for the job. Without that barren stump in your yard you'll find you have more space to live and play.

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Monday, 20 February 2017

Making History: Disappearing Trees

It might come as a surprise to some people that trees can live for hundreds, even thousands, of years. If you think about it, old_tree_breeze_quetly_trees used to cover vast expanses of land until they were cleared so people could live or farm there. However, there are still trees here and there that have lived for hundreds of years. If they could talk, it would be interesting to hear what they have to say.

There are times, however, when a tree becomes a danger to those around it. This is when finding the right professional is key to solving any kind of tree-based danger.

Removing a Relic

SAN DIEGO – Several residents were angered Monday morning as they watched crews remove a 73-year-old Torrey pine in Ocean Beach.

Earlier this month, city officials said the tree at 4652 Saratoga Ave. was in danger of falling, but opponents contended the city hadn't adequately explained why it had to be taken down.

Read MoreCity suspends removal of Torrey pine in Ocean Beach

The city of San Diego then put off its plan to remove the Torrey pine after an Ocean Beach woman climbed the tree  and stayed there to prevent the removal attempt.

"We originally had scheduled this tree removal for August 5th and then we took another try on August 12th.  The longer were waited the more of a risk this was that it could fail," said Jeremy Barrick, the City of San Diego's Urban Forestry Planning Manager, “

Community members later suspended their fight to save the tree after consulting an independent arborist who concluded the tree is not healthy enough to be saved.

"We trust him. He said it needs to come down and so we trust him. We are all okay with that,” said Jamie Holcomb who lives on Saratoga Avenue.

However, others in the community still disagree with the removal.

“The failing condition of the tree is directly as a result of the neglect, improper maintenance and the unqualified tree service that was subcontracted through the City of San Diego,” Friends of Peninsula Trees – a recently formed non-profit group – said in a press release.

According to the City's Master Arborist, the tree trunk will be sculpted into benches around the city along with other pieces of art. Crews will also leave pieces of the trees to residents along the street.

The Torrey pine was adjacent to two other large Torrey pine trees which were removed after one of this winter’s El NiƱo storms caused them to uplift and actively fail.


What This Means For You

While it's never a fun thing to see a legend die, sometimes it's necessary. You can't count on a tree to grow straight forever and there are times when selective trimming doesn't really help matters either. Pay attention to the trees of all kinds that are living around your home. You are able to ensure that they live long, healthy lives if you continue to make sure that they grow healthy and keep their reach from extending into power lines and other areas of concern.

Let yourself be proud of the 200-year-old tree that occupies your backyard or even the seedling that you planted with your children. We all need trees to continue to filter our air and provide us with healthy oxygen so we can, you know, function.

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Monday, 13 February 2017

Holiday Cleanup: How Are Your Trees?

We got some wicked weather over the holiday that may have done more than just water your lawn. If you have trees on your property you may have looked out the window to see if the tree has given up and laid down in defeat. Of course, no tree is permanently defeated - sometimes it just needs a trim. We're no strangers to the wind and rain here in San Diego. It's important to regularly review your property before and after storms to find out if you're at risk for having an unwelcome visitor in your living room, like a tree:

Rain and wind are in the forecast over the holiday weekend and that may pose a serious threat to trees in your yard.
“The fact is that trees might be stressed due to low water and the root system isn't as sturdy,” said Fausto Palafox, the owner of Mission Hills Nursery. “If we do get a severe wind, it could knock them over.”

There are signs you can check for: First, look at the ground. If you see cracks or shifting, that could be a potential sign that the wind is uprooting the tree. Second, check to see if your trees are upright. If any lean, you may have problems.
“You should do some preventative maintenance and get a professional tree-trimmer to come out and prune out the tree and take the sail out of it," Palafox said.

He described trees branches like sails on a ship. The more branches, the more wind they pick up. Also, the more likely they will break or fall over.
On Saturday, forecasts show winds speeds as high as 35 miles per hour in San Diego.

Now if you don’t have time, have trouble trees trimmed by the time this storm strikes. Palafox said you can stake your trees to the ground with rope as a temporary way to brave the rain.


While the storm may have passed there's no denying that there is some sound advice in the article above. These are tips you should always keep in mind as general maintenance: storm or no storm. This is the time to be cautious and pay attention to the state of your home and yard. For those who live on large pieces of property you may want to make going for a perimeter-walk a weekly thing. Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not happening. If you need help with your trimming, we've got you covered:

We can't help but wonder though: when trees fall in a forest and no one is around, do they really make a sound?

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Monday, 6 February 2017

Even The Mighty Fall

No matter how big you are, you can still fall. Trees are no stranger to toppling over thanks to weakened soil or raging winds. If you have trees on your property you want to make sure they they are well supported so that a sudden rainstorm or flash flood won't tip them over: potentially into your house. Just as all beginnings must have an end, the 'death' of the Pioneer Cabin tree came as a shock to everyone:

Fans are mourning a giant sequoia in California that’s famous for a “drive-thru” hole carved into its trunk after a massive storm toppled the mighty tree.

The tree shattered when it went down Sunday, Calaveras Big Trees State Park volunteer Jim Allday said.

“It was majestic,” he said. “Now it’s basically a pile of rubble.”

A tunnel was carved into the tree’s trunk in the 1880s to allow tourists to pass through, though it weakened the giant. The tunnel had allowed cars to pass, but only pedestrians could crossed in recent decades.

Generations of locals and tourists have visited the tree for centuries, posing for photos and carving their names into it. Many of them took to social media Sunday and Monday, posting their memories of the tree.

“It’s kind of like someone in the family has died,” said Joyce Brown, a 65-year-old retired middle school teacher who has been visiting the tree since she was 12 and owns a cabin in nearby Arnold.

Brown said four generations of her family spent countless hours at the tree and often took out-of-town visitors there, some from as far away as Turkey.

“Everyone who went there was shocked at how big a tree could be,” she said. “As a child you think you had come to a land of giants, that there must be giant people and giant animals living there because of the diameter of these trees.”

Sumner Crawford remembers every detail of his first visit to the tree as a kid in the early 1990s.

“I remember I was walking through the tree and thinking, ‘I’m inside of the tree right now!'” he said. “It was madness.”

He was stunned by the sequoia’s size – when his family of four tried to join hands around the tree they discovered they couldn’t even come close.


It is sad to see the end of an era, a legend. For a tree that has lived for well over a hundred years and stood the test of time to be downed by a storm is bittersweet. How many storms has this massive beast stood against before? However that last one was it's undoing. Now it's time for the biggest job of all: cleanup. Trying to clean up in the wake of a storm, not to mention the shattered remains of a giant, is a daunting task. Tree removal is serious business. If you find yourself in need, you'll be happy to know we do that too: All Clear Tree Service continues to provide San Diego County with by far the best, most consistent tree services available. Our help is only a phone call away, pretty much any time.

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